Basilicata, a beautiful southern italian region!

This is the italian sothern region called Basilicata or Lucania, both the same. It has about 590,000 inhabitants on a 10,000 square meters surface.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

A Digital Diary video project from Can’t Forget Italy, filmed in Basilicata and directed by Matthew Brown.

Music by Reid Willis

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Nunzio Lopardo says:

    Digital Diary Basilicata 2011 | Dreaming In Italy:

  2. Brian Matthews says:

    Best of you jobs, guys

  3. Sierra Busch says:

    Beautiful! I wish I could capture my experience this way 🙂 What were your
    fav cities in Basilicata? Im planning a trip there.

  4. Voyajo Tripu says:

    Taking a family trip to Italy can get you inspired,

  5. Dormirebene says:

    Se avessi presentato Milano o Roma sarebbe stato insopportabile. Ma tu
    forse hai presentato semplicemente quello che hai scoperto, grazie ancora

  6. 8lumus says:

    It feels good to cry at beauty..<3

  7. Daan Dirkson says:

    beautifull, amazingly well put together

  8. grrocco says:

    Basilicata, South of Italy.

  9. MariagraziaMarvin says:

    This video is wonderful… perfectly describes the beauty of this magical
    land, my land…

  10. Itay E says:

    Matthew Brown has a new short film about Israel in

  11. Nathan Nguyen-Le says:

    some parts reminded me of tree of life. especially the beginning and the
    shot at 2:49 awesome video!

  12. BelenSpera says:

    WOW again and again with Matthew’s stuff. Gorgeous!

  13. Queen B says:


  14. Shaila Tanny says:

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  15. TheDeIirium says:

    just ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) really matt

  16. ohmsford94 says:

    davvero un video fatto bene… che sa trasmettere emozioni.. tutto grazie
    al montaggio alle musiche e alle immagini, complimenti

  17. roby30 says:

    I’m italian and deeply touched by your video. Thank You !

  18. saranordinable says:

    that guy in the black jacket looks alot like MAT KEARNEY 😀

  19. One Mesa says:

    Very evocative and love the clarity and intensity of the colors fab!!

  20. chantelle s says:

    wow… you’re actually so talented! this is really good! i enjoyed every

  21. Digital Diary of Italy says:


  22. Rasa Liepina says:

    Where in Italy is it?

  23. Jelena Simic says:

    this is amazing…

  24. TheParkourSam says:

    Parkour heaven! This makes dying something to look forward too. (for those
    of you who will take that the wrong way I don’t mean like suicide or

  25. sabino133 says:

    complimenti davvero mi sono commosso !!

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