Italy trip: #Campania

Italy trip: #Campania

[ENG] 3 minutes video postcard from Campania, Italy, one of the most beautiful places in Italy.
Music: El Pasador, “Amade Mio, Amore Mio”
[PL]3 minutowa pocztówka wideo z Kampanii, jednego z piękniejs
Video Rating: 4 / 5

E1-P1 MAGNIFICENT ITALY – CAMPANIA [2008] Capitoli; Napoli = Naples, L’Isola di Capri, Sorrento, Pompei, Vesuvio, L’Isola di Ischia, Golfo di Pozzuoli, L’Isola di Procida, Capodimonte

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  1. Diapo Eventi e Congressi says:

    Very good! This is a great video on our incredible region, I hope you
    enjoyed it! If anyone is planning a trip to the Campania region visit our
    website and contact us at for
    any information, we’ll be glad to help you and organize together a unique

  2. Łukasz Dybalski says:

    @tuciolo thanks:) Campania is great place to discover south of Italy.

  3. tuciolo says:

    Great video!

  4. Emanuele Scifo says:


  5. LoZioSanmanghese says:

    stadio san carlo????

  6. Fiorino Valentucci says:

    al minuto 09:10 la voce narrante commette un grossissimo errore, chiama lo
    stadio s.paolo ” stadio san carlo” :0

  7. Barbapippo says:

    @LoZioSanmanghese ma certo, famoso quasi come il Teatro S. Paolo, XD… bel
    documentario, comunque, 🙂

  8. KKOPPI says:

    @melofaiilpiacere hai ragione

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