Larry Carlton – Autumn leaves live @ Genoa (Liguria, Italy)

Genova guitar festival, 16 july 2010
Arena del Mare del Porto Antico
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Destroyed by an earthquake in 1887 now Bussana is a centre of an international community of artists. If you visit Liguria and Italy you must visit Bussana !! Holiday home in Liguria. Bussana Vecchia, Sanremo, Riviera dei Fiori, Liguria Italy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. tellarjj says:

    The bass player is not so good to that song !…

  2. Randy Hwang says:

    Isn’t the bass player Travis Carlton? My friend bought a used bass from
    him. What a nice guy!

  3. celermail says:

    un pò sporchina però.

  4. Moshpith says:

    1 Larry Carlton = 122,306,011 shredders.

  5. neroodio says:

    più che sporca, direi che lui sa fare di meglio… non mi trasmette molto
    questa esecuzione. vabbè.

  6. Miya Black says:

    wow, so gorgeous!! where is that exactly? Im going toItaly and I’d like to
    go there can anyone give me directions?

  7. dily44 says:

    I love this place. Everytime i go to SanRemo we visit Busanna Vecchia. Its
    got a wonderful eeriness about the place. Artists now inhabit most of the
    houses, selling their paintings, pottery and jewellery. Make sure to wear
    comfortable shoes as the streets are cobbled stone and some can be quite
    steep and slippery. There is a wonderful restaurant here and we were lucky
    enough to go on a night there was a band playing. One tip, make sure you
    have mosquito repellant lol . Beautiful video silvia

  8. ivymox says:

    Wow, this is a great place !

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