Umbria, Italy

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A trip to Assisi, Spello, Gubbio, Spoletto, Perugia and Terni. What a spectacular country..
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CARSULAE. AREA ARCHEOLOGICA / ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA. Carsulae era un’antica città romana (sebbene i primi insediamenti si registrassero in epoca preromana) pos…

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  3. Angelo Mariani says:

    Near my City Terni Umbria Italy
    Carsulae was an ancient Roman city (although the first settlements in
    pre-Roman times registrassero ) located along the future via Flaminia in
    Umbria on the border between the territories of Interamna Nahars (Terni),
    and Casventum ( S.Gemini ) . Abandoned already in ancient times as a result
    of serious landslides is still partially buried under several meters of
    debris. The first settlements pastoriali forestry and agricultural occurred
    in the ninth century BC and developed until the fifth century BC From the
    fourth century B.C. they began to glimpse the first transformation of the
    city by building a wall . With the construction of the Via Flaminia by the
    consul Caius Flaminius the city grew significantly thanks to the
    immigration of the neighboring mountain communities, who saw a great
    opportunity to improve their living conditions. Carsulae divided its
    history into two periods: the Roman Republic until its end and then with
    the Roman Empire. From the third century no one would know anything about
    the city. The destruction of Carsulae is closely connected with its birth
    as the Via Flaminia , in the loss of importance of the western branch of
    the way in favor of the east entailed the decline of the city after
    attempts to conquer the barbarian tribes was destroyed by an earthquake and
    finally abandoned in the Middle Ages . Hole is located next to the church
    of San Damiano built in medieval times with materials taken from the ruins
    carsulane .
    ” The heads of the party ( Flavian ) reached Carsulae take a few days off,
    waiting for the bulk of the army to join them with the insignia . The
    location of the camp itself was very nice : the view was very extensive ,
    make sure the supplies for the troops , they had behind extremely
    flourishing municipalities (…) . ” Tacitus , Hist. , III , 60.
    Photos taken Saturday, April 13, 2013

  4. Angelo Mariani says:

    Carsulae Terni Umbria Italy 3000 years of istory

  5. Claudio Franchini says:
  6. Angelo Mariani says:

    Carsulae Terni Umbria My beutifool region make the istory of the word

  7. Angelo Mariani says:

    Carsulae Terni Umbria Italy

  8. Terni mia Terni nostru says:

    L’Italia è un paese bellissimo, dal punto di vista paesaggistico; ogni
    regione nasconde piccoli tesori da scoprire… Sul mio canale propongo
    brevi documentari sui luoghi da scoprire a Terni e dintorni….

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    visionato ed apprezzato ema ematube

  11. etruscanwarrior says:

    Un cordiale saluto da un etrusco residente a Milano!

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