Dreams of Tuscany – Instrumental Music HD

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Music composed and produced by David Hanle
Viola arrangement and vocals by Melissa Schleicher

Be sure to view in HD for best quality!

The painting is concept art of Tuscany from Assassins Creed, I don’t own it. I just needed a visual to post with the music.

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WATCH IN HD 1080p for better quality. I LOVE this unit Ladies! i got it from hairsisters.com for .99 in color blue/black
thumbs up if you like this unit.


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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. David Hanle says:
  2. kerriAnn rullow says:

    you made me go become dearing and get this wig. Snapping fingers. SOLD

  3. lisa marini says:

    I hear this unit can be quite the mess by then end of the day, nothing but
    matting up big time, how was she for you? and how long has she lasted you?

  4. Adesola Adeyemo says:

    Is it possible to wear the wig without leaving your natural hair out? 

  5. Nikki Cee says:

    Wow! Beautiful! It’s so not fair that you guys can get these for so cheap!!
    This would cost at least 45.99 plus tax in Toronto – and to order from
    Hairsisters, shipping is like 35.00!! that’s why I can’t do synthetic wig
    reviews anymore. Used to be able to ship from those sites to New York, but
    no longer have that connection…sucks. Xo

  6. AGoddessNamedKarma says:

    YASSSSS… love this… I’m feeling the blue black mixes, TFS

  7. Aaliyah Rasool says:

    I love you and all your videos you’re extremely gorgeous but this wig right
    here just sold me I’ve been looking for a BLUE WIG I’m in love! 

  8. naijagurl4lyf says:

    Hi love your review, pls whats the name of the slow song at the beginning??

  9. Amber Hall says:

    How do you make your bang? 

  10. DeeDee's World Loves says:

    Hey love, I love tuscany on you! Really pretty! Hey check out my channel
    and sub, back, if you like! Thanks lovely

  11. TheHeartsandcake90 says:

    The blue is beautiful. At first I was skeptical, but now I’m open to try it

  12. aubreanna Hardesty says:

    Can you please show how you did the flip over look with this hair. Please
    and thank you :)

  13. DEE WINS says:

    If you had to choose would it be this one or las mogan? 

  14. Jernel Strong says:

    Im so getting this it looks fab!! on u

  15. Fashion Weak says:

    how does this compare to las mogan? i have been wearing her non-stop for a
    year now but i would love to try this one

  16. Aubrey Taylor says:

    Hey I noticed u have your edges out I wet my edges and use edge control or
    a good gel to blend my hair and the weave. So the transition isn’t so
    noticeable. The color looks good on u.

  17. PaLace says:

    This hair color is literally out of stock everywhere lol! It’s so
    beautiful. <3 It looks amazing on you. 

  18. jadaxlovee says:

    Can you please do a tutorial on how you do your curly bangs

  19. Ohnana s. says:

    I bought two !! I can’t wait!

  20. Edna Aristilde says:

    I’m getting that soon. .. nice

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