The Veneto � Dreamy and Dramatic |

The Veneto � Dreamy and Dramatic |

If you find this useful, then share it!Home to shimmering, fantastical Venice and to Romeo and Juliet’s Verona, it’s no surprise that the Veneto is one of Italy’s most romantic regions. The architecture is dreamily beautiful, the countryside is soft and pretty, and while the south is dominated by mystical lagoons and sinuous rivers, the north offers the dramatic golden needles of the high Dolomites. Positioned where Italy meets Austria, the Veneto has long formed a cultural crossroads – of Teutonic and Latinate, andalso of East and West thanks to Venice’s grand trading history. It’s a prosperous and very trade-savvy region, open-minded and outward-looking. As an incomer, you’ll always meet a warm welcome.The Veneto’s landscapes could hardly be more diverse. Between the …

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Buyers in the Veneto tend to choose rural houses in the hills, apartments in the little cities, or ski homes in the mountains. The region offers some very good-value country properties in attractive areas, and you might pay as

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The Veneto � Dreamy and Dramatic |

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