Why Organic Wine Offers a Treat for Eco-Friendly Oenophiles


The last decade has seen a surge in the sales of eco-friendly and organic products of all kinds, as more and more of us face up to the fact that many aspects of modern life have a negative impact on the environment, and that our habits need to change to lessen the damage we’re doing.
However, the stereotypical idea of ‘green’ shopping being dull, expensive, and a duty rather than a joy is no longer the case, as producers up their game and start producing organic products of excellent quality at a fair price.
This is nowhere more true than in the case of wine – nowadays, the environmentally-aware oenophile is spoilt for choice when looking for a wine that will please the palate as well as saving the planet.

Although organic wines cover the whole spectrum from dry to dessert, and a huge range of varietals are available, it’s in the area of red wine that some of the most impressive examples can be found.
Online retailers can stock the best organic red wines from all over the world, but two wine producing countries particularly stand out – the USA and Italy.
American organic wine, largely but not exclusively from California, can be seen as part of that country’s admirable attempt to reduce its traditional environmental burden, and you can buy many excellent examples that range from the delicate and sophisticated to the more lively, assertive and characterful styles that the country is deservedly known and admired for.

Italy, on the other hand, is a natural fit for organic wine production methods. Much of the Italian food and drink culture is based around the use of high quality natural products, produced by small operators, and processed by family firms (yes, this is a somewhat clichéd view, but even today it remains surprisingly accurate).
As such, for many existing wine producers, it didn’t take a huge upheaval to switch over to organic methods, and the results are well worth it.

It stands to reason that the best organic red wines will be of a quality that’s a joy to drink, whatever the eco-friendly credentials they might boast.
If a winemaker is to go to all the trouble of growing grapes without chemical aid, and then turning them into wine in the more commercially risky and labour-intensive organic way, then they are usually committed souls who take pride in their product.
This pride shines through in the final wine, and while it’s true that the organic production method is more expensive and adds a little to the retail cost of a bottle, that little bit extra is a small price to pay to enjoy excellent wine that exists in harmony with nature.


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